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The 7th International Conference on Field and Service Robots (FSR 2009) was held on the MIT Campus, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA on 14-16 July 2009.

The goal of FSR is to report and encourage the development of field and service robotics. These are non-factory robots, typically mobile, that must operate in complex and dynamic environments. Typical field robotics applications include mining, agriculture, building and construction, forestry, cargo handling and so on. Field robots may operate on the ground (of Earth or planets), under the ground, underwater, in the air or in space. Service robots are those that work closely with humans, importantly the elderly and sick, to help them with their lives. The first meeting was held in Canberra, Australia, in 1997. Since then the meeting has been held every 2 years in the pattern Asia, America, Europe.

Most FSR'09 participants in front of MIT Stata Center

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Next FSR will take place July 20-22, 2011 in Matsushima, Miyagi, Japan

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