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Reflective safety vests and flags make personnel and robots more visible in the field.

Safety Culture

NREC is committed to improving the safety of our systems throughout all phases of the development process.  We foster a culture of safety in our daily operations and field tests.   

Teamwork and professionalism are the foundation of safe operations.  We emphasize safety as the responsibility of every member of our team.  Our researchers and staff undergo safety training as appropriate for their jobs, from basic driving safety to wilderness first aid.  

Our field tests are set up to minimize risk to testing personnel and visitors.  We designate a safety officer for all field tests and follow detailed safety policies.  Drills reinforce our safety procedures. During testing, we use visible and audible signals (such as on-board lights and sirens) to show a robot’s operating mode and warn bystanders of its approach.  Emergency supplies and medical kits are standard equipment in support vehicles.  Our field teams also work closely with local fire, police, and EMS departments to ensure a quick response in case of emergency.



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