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Case Study


Test Sites



NREC fabricated test areas for the Paint Removal (left) and Assisted Mining projects (right). The Paint Removal wall imitated a ship’s hull and included both vertical and curved sections. The Assisted Mining mock up featured a wall cast from impressions taken from a working coal mine.


NREC has access to extensive grounds for both on-site and off-site testing.
Test Sites

NREC makes full use of its on-site and off-site test areas to exhaustively test systems in a wide variety of environments and conditions.  Our facility features 1 and 2-acre on-site outdoor test areas and dedicated test areas for mining robots, sensors, and more. We also build customized on-site mock-ups for projects with specialized testing requirements.

Our off-site test areas range from 150 to 1,000 acres and are readily accessible from our main facility.  They include paved and unpaved roads, rubble piles, inclines up to 60°, tunnels, and rugged landscapes with bushes, trees, hills, boulders, and other natural features. We also test extensively at customer sites, ensuring that our robots work properly in their operating environments. 


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