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  EOD Robot Operator Assist
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EOD Robot Operator Assist assists EOD robot operators with reconnaissance, situational awareness, and driving. The screen shot shows the camera zoomed in on the truck’s undercarriage (shown in green brackets).


NREC demonstrated an add-on situational awareness and autonomy package for EOD (explosive ordnance disposal) robots.

EOD Robot Operator Assist helps operators survey the robot’s surroundings.  A ring of miniaturized video cameras provides a full, panoramic view around the robot.  A camera and laser range finder mounted on a pan/tilt/zoom platform allow operators to quickly focus on objects of interest.

EOD Robot Operator Assist also gives EOD robots the ability to intelligently navigate to their targets. Operators can click on a target and the robot plans a route to this location.  The robot then drives itself along the planned route.  The operator remains in the loop while the robot is driving and can take control at any time.  

Add-On Systems for Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robots (PDF)

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