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  Autonomous Robotic Manipulation
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“Andy” the ARM-S robot, coordinates two robot arms to manipulate a tire. Andy is named after CMU founder Andrew Carnegie.

Carnegie Mellon’s Autonomous Robotic Manipulation (ARM-S) team develops software that autonomously performs complex manipulation tasks.

The ARM-S team is part of a DARPA competition to create an autonomous robotic manipulator that acts like a human arm and hand.  The goal is to develop a manipulator that carries out high-level tasks, interacts intelligently with its surroundings, adapts to real-world environments, and requires little supervision. 

Each team writes software that runs on the same robot and performs the same set of tasks, from simple tasks like picking up a hammer to complicated, multi-step tasks like hanging up a telephone. Judges evaluate each team’s software on DARPA’s own, identical ARM robot.   

CMU is one of three teams (out of six original participants) selected for Phase 2 of the ARM-S program.

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