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  Intelligent Electrocardiogram
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The Next Generation ECG automatically diagnoses dangerous heart rhythms that could lead to sudden cardiac death (SCD).

An intelligent portable electrocardiogram (ECG) will automatically diagnose arrhythmias that could lead to sudden cardiac death (SCD). 

Researchers from NREC and the Allegheny Health Network are developing the Next Generation ECG, which employs state-of-the-art signal capture and machine learning technologies to detect and diagnose dangerous heart rhythms.  Its intelligent diagnostic software and ability to record high frequency cardiac rhythms help doctors to identify patients who are at risk for SCD. 

Current ECG technology has been in use for decades.  To improve diagnostic accuracy, cardiac electrophysiologists use invasive techniques such as inserting catheters with various sensors via arteries in the leg up into the heart.  NREC is investigating whether an external ECG that uses advanced machine learning software and highly sensitive sensors can detect and localize dangerous arrhythmias without the need for catheters or other types of invasive surgical exploration.  

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