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  Learning Robots (LAGR)

LAGR robot

The LAGR robot includes three 2.0 GHz Pentium-M computers, stereo cameras, IR rangefinders, GPS, IMU, encoders, wireless communications link, and operator control unit.  NREC ported its PerceptOR software to the platform to provide baseline autonomous capability.

Communications tools include Gigabit Ethernet for on-board communication; a wireless (802.11b) Ethernet communications link; remote monitoring software that can be run on a laptop; and a standalone radio frequency remote.  

The user can log data on the robot in three different modes: teleoperation using the RF remote; teleoperation from the onboard computer system (OCS); and during autonomous operation.

With each robot, NREC ships a comprehensive user manual that documents robot capability, baseline autonomy software, and APIs (with examples) that enable developers to easily interface robot sensor data to their perception and planning algorithms.

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