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  Enhanced Teleop (Mini SACR)
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Click for large image w/ callouts. A miniaturized version of SACR gives EOD robot operators a realistic view of the robot’s surroundings. Operators can display the image from any perspective. The red cone in the 3D model and the crosshairs in the panoramic view represent the target point for autonomous navigation.

NREC’s miniaturized SACR (Situational Awareness Through Colorized Ranging) system fuses video and range data from a small panoramic camera ring and scanning LADAR sensor to provide photo-realistic 3D video and panoramic video images of an EOD robot’s surroundings.  Mini SACR automatically compensates for the small size, vibration, and low viewpoint of typical EOD robots.  Operators can pan, zoom, and shift the 3D image to different viewpoints, including an overhead view. 

Mini SACR also enables EOD robots to autonomously navigate to a location that’s selected by the operator. An operator can click on a target and have the robot plan a route to its location.  The robot will then drive itself along the route.  The operator remains in the loop at all times and can take control at any point.  

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