To win the DARPA Robotics Challenge, CHIMP must successfully complete a scenario that's relatively easy for humans but fiendishly difficult for robots. It includes climbing a ladder, traversing rubble, and operating hand tools, door handles and valves. We're pushing the envelope on innovative mechanism design, high degree-of-freedom planning, perception, mobility, and intelligent grasping and multiple-limb manipulation. Tartan Rescue sponsors receive favorable terms for the intellectual property developed for this competition.

Sample market applications
for CHIMP technology

Plant operations
Maintenance & inspection
Disaster recovery
Logistics & transportation
Assistive care

Intellectual property
available for licensing

Robot system
User interface for sliding autonomy
Full body control and stability monitoring
GPS-free limb and body positioning
Multi-sensor world modeling and mapping
Collision free motion planning
Single and dual gripper manipulation
Drive joints

NREC-designed drive joints enable CHIMP to perform all DRC tasks. These joints support human-like grasping, which creates new mobile manipulation applications.

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