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  Paint Stripping
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NREC designed, built and tested the centerpiece of a semi-automated paint removal system that is now in everyday use and available for commercial sale by Chariot Robotics, LLC

The EnvirobotTM is the world's most technologically advanced system for removing paint and coatings from steel surfaces. Controlled via wireless joystick, it uses patented air gap magnets to glide effortlessly across the sides and bottoms of ship hulls, storage tanks and other steel structures, reaching speeds of up to 51 cm/sec (20 in/sec). Spinning high-pressure water jets remove paint without marring the underlying surface while a powerful vacuum and patented, EPA-approved filtration system recover wastewater and debris.

The EnvirobotTM system reduces pollution, lowers paint stripping and sweeping costs, and shortens dry dock stays. It has received widespread recognition for technical innovation (read the Fortune 500 article) and protecting the environment.

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