Carnegie Mellon University


NREC provides an array of robotics technologies and systems that address the most pressing challenges in the manufacturing industry. We focus on improving your operations by introducing novel technology to help operators, improve safety, automate your process, improve ergonomics and enable human-robot collaboration.  Our team can develop a robotic solution that meets your needs and fits your business case.


Autonomous Vehicles

Industrial vehicles, shuttles and mobile inspection

Intelligent Manipulation

Vision-based, modular and adaptable

Equipment and Site Monitoring

Anomaly detection and inspection

3D mapping

Site mapping and stockpile volume estimation

Safety Systems

Human-robot collaboration

Operator Assist

Collison warning, virtual trainer and equipment optimization


Autonomous Tugs & Forklifts

Smart, Adaptable Robots

Process Monitoring & Optimization

Human - Robot Collaboration

Remote Inspection

Loading & Unloading