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  Cargo Unmanned Ground Vehicle
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Cargo UGV autonomous unmanned ground vehicles automate supply convoys and help keep personnel out of harm’s way.


NREC is teaming with Oshkosh Defense to develop autonomous unmanned ground vehicle technologies for logistics tactical wheeled vehicles used by the US Marine Corps.

The Cargo UGV project’s goal is to evaluate the benefits and feasibility of mixing manned and unmanned logistics vehicles in supply convoys.  These benefits include reducing drivers’ exposure to danger, freeing them to perform other duties. 

Cargo Unmanned Ground Vehicles (Cargo UGVs or CUGVs) are designed for autonomous use in convoys that combine manned and unmanned vehicles.  An operator in another vehicle supervises one or more unmanned vehicles, which drive autonomously in convoy formation day and night, in all weather, and when dust and smoke limit visibility.

As part of the overall Cargo UGV project, NREC is developing an autonomy kit that features a multi-sensor perception system for unimproved roads and a motion planning system for single vehicle and convoy operations. NREC is also developing an operator control and mission planning system. All are components of Oshkosh Defense’s TerraMax™ UGV kit. Engineered as a kit for any tactical wheeled vehicle, the entire package is integrated onto MTVR trucks to be used in logistics operations for the Marines. 
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