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We Engineer Robotics Solutions

NREC develops and matures robotics technologies and solutions from concept to commercialization. Our unique expertise places us at the forefront of unmanned ground vehicle design, autonomy, sensing and perception, machine learning, machine vision, operator assistance, 3D mapping and position estimation. NREC also leads in educational outreach through its Robotics Academy, which creates robotics curricula and software for K-12 and college-level students.


20+ years of making robotics a reality.
375+ million dollars in total funding
659 Individual Inventions
700+ combined years of experience

Featured Projects

UGV & UAV Collaboration project by the National Robotics Engineering Center.

UGV and UAV Collaboration

Optionally piloted helicopter teamed up with an unmanned ground vehicle to autonomously survey sites for radiation as well as biological or chemical contamination. 

Stress Testing Autonomous Systems project by the National Robotics Engineering Center

Stress Testing for Autonomous Systems

NREC developed the Stress Testing for Autonomy Architectures (ASTAA) tool to find safety problems in autonomy systems that are unlikely to be discovered by other types of tests or extended field testing.

News Stories

Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing (ARM) partners with Carnegie Mellon University’s NREC and CMRA to grow a skilled, technical workforce.

Today’s accelerating pace of technology advancement and innovation shape the kinds of jobs Americans can do, and raise the qualifications needed to obtain and keep those jobs. This is especially true in manufacturing. To address these workforce development issues, ARM is partnering with Carnegie Mellon University’s National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC) and the Robotics Academy (CMRA), who have developed a multipronged solution called SMART. This Smart Manufacturing and Advanced Robotics Training program leverages the CS-STEM Network (CS2N), an inexpensive, custom-built LMS that is flexible, robust, and allows new content to be easily integrated. It will update existing pre-apprenticeship community-college level certification and associate degree programs to address the evolving needs of ARM industry members.

Carnegie Mellon Hosts Activation of U.S. Army AI Task Force

The United States Army is activating its Artificial Intelligence (AI) Task Force at the birthplace of AI itself: Carnegie Mellon University. The activation, which will take place on February 1 at Carnegie Mellon's National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC), augments the Army's long-standing commitment to modernization and future technology, while also strengthening its ties to fundamental research in academia.

NREC Developing Innovative Lightweight, Long-Reach, Reconfigurable Manipulator for Airbus

NREC is working with Airbus to tackle two common constraints in creating robotic manipulator technology: working in confined spaces and inefficient singular task training for robots. This newest collaborative team has been working to develop a solution to these constraints by using flexible, low-cost, modular, robotic manipulators that can be used in a variety of constrained manufacturing operations. Within the airline industry, this solution will prove helpful with tasks such as the inspection of aircraft fuel tanks during manufacturing and accessing other areas of the aircraft where space is limited.