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  Sensabot Inspection Robot
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Sensabot is designed to remotely inspect hazardous industrial facilities.

A remotely-operated mobile robot remotely inspects and monitors industrial facilities.

The rugged, versatile Sensabot performs a wide variety of inspection and monitoring tasks.  It is designed to carry out on-site inspections in hazardous environments, isolated facilities, and other places that are difficult or dangerous for personnel to access. Benefits include reduced risk and improved efficiency of operation.

Sensabot features a mobile robotic base with a sensor boom tipped with inspection sensors.  It can operate in extreme temperatures and explosive and toxic atmospheres.  A human operator remotely drives Sensabot and uses its sensors to inspect pipes, fittings, and valves. 

Sensabot is designed to meet IECEx Zone 1 standards for explosive environments and ANSI safety standards for guided industrial vehicles.

Journal of Petroleum Technology article: Sensabot: A Safe and Cost-Effective Inspection Solution. (PDF Version, p. 34)

Sensabot (PDF)

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