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General Industry
The mining industry is investing in robotics technologies to drive down costs and boost productivity and safety. NREC has a long history of fielding innovative systems for both surface and underground mines.

Assisted Mining Autonomous Haulage (AHS) Autonomous Loading (ALS)
Belt Inspection GPS-Free Positioning (MINT) Tunnel Mapping
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Caisson Construction

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NREC applied robotic sensors to the development of semi-automated continuous mining machines and other underground mining equipment.
 NREC and Caterpillar are jointly developing the Autonomous Haulage System (AHS), a commercial system for automating large off-highway trucks.  The Autonomous Loading System (ALS) completely automates the task of loading excavated material onto dump trucks. NREC designed, built and tested a high-speed machine vision system for monitoring the condition of conveyor belts such as those used in underground coal mines.  NREC is developing MINT (Micro-Inertial Navigation Technology), a wearable navigation and localization aid. NREC is pioneering research and development of a low power, small, lightweight system for producing accurate 3D maps of tunnels through its Precision Tunnel Mapping program.