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July 2017
NREC Signs Agreement with Harsco to Improve Customer Yield

May 2017
Ambassadors From 34 Countries Visit NREC

April 2017
Caterpillar Command for Hauling: Modernizing and Automating the Mining Industry

April 2017
NREC Awarded Pipeline Profiler Project

March 2017
NREC To Host Industry Day 2017

February 2017
NREC Initiates Robotic Prototyping to Support Mississippi River Navigation

February 2017
Shell deploys Sensabot, a mobile inspection and monitoring robot developed together with NREC

February 2017
Night at NREC 2017

January 2017
CHIMP Technology Enables MHI/Waseda’s Legged Robot to be More Intelligent

January 2017
NREC to Host the ARM Institute Headquarters

November 2016
NREC Hosts United States Deputy Secretary of Defense

October 2016
60 Minutes Visit

September 2016
The National Robotics Engineering Center Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

September 2016
NREC Computer Network Compromise Investigated

March 2016
NREC Developing Cockpit Automation System for DARPA’s GXV-T Program

March 2016
NREC Contributes to DARPA Autonomous Anti-Submarine Vessel

February 2016
Night at NREC Thursday, March 31

February 2016
NREC to Host Industry Day on April 9

January 2016
UAV & UGV Collaboration

December 2015
NREC to become new home to Girls of Steel

July 2015
NREC Augmented Reality Will Help Guide Snowplow Operators

April 2015
NREC to Research Human Detection for Farm Safety

March 2015
Dr. Herman Herman
to lead NREC

October 2014
CHIMP Celebrates
its First Birthday!

October 2014
Visits NREC

October 2014

October 2014
Robotic Operating
Table Assistant

October 2014
PennDOT and NREC Talk Robotics

September 2014
Autonomous Vessel
Path Planning

September 2014
Mayor Peduto
Tours NREC

September 2014
NREC Takes
to the Water!

August 2014
Cargo UGV for
Route Clearance

June 2014
DARPA Announces Robotics Challenge Finals

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NREC in the News

Pittsburgh Filmmakers
Pittsburgh Premiere Screening of the new Werner Herzog documentary Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World

The Washington Post
Meet Sea Hunter, the 130-foot unmanned vessel the Navy wants to hunt submarines

CMU Press Release
National Robotics Engineering Center Selected for Research Projects Totaling More Than $11 Million

CMU Press Release
Carnegie Mellon and Sikorsky Team Up for Unprecedented Robotic Mission

CMU Press Release
Robot Finishes Third In DARPA Robotics Challenge

CMU Press Release
Uber, Carnegie Mellon Announce Strategic Partnership and
Creation of Advanced Technologies Center in Pittsburgh

Robot tests on nuclear sites as UK ramps up research
(CHIMP pictured)

Oshkosh Defense Developing Unmanned Mine Sweeping Trucks

The Wall Street Journal
Sikorsky and National Robotics Engineering Center Partner for Matrix™ Application to Demonstrate U.S. Army Autonomous UGV Delivery

The Wall Street Journal
US Office of Naval Research Continues Cargo UGV Project

CBS News
Maybe not sci-fi, but robots readied for big tests

CMU Press Release
DARPA Selects Carnegie Mellon’s Tartan Rescue Team
For Funding To Prepare For 2014 Robotics Challenge

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
CMU's CHIMP to go where humans shouldn't

New Pittsburgh Courier
CMU robot places 3rd in national competition

Akihabara News
"Japanese Robots: ASIMO's Nemesis Grows Stronger;
Will Honda Respond?

Canadian Manufacturing
"Robotiq’s Adaptive Gripper is a key component of
Carnegie Mellon University’s CHIMP robot...

CMU Press Release
Carnegie Mellon Four-Limbed Robot Will Compete In
DARPA Robotic Challenge Trials This December

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Defense dollars aid Carnegie Mellon’s robotics research
(Autonomous Manipulation [ARM-S])

Agreement on Development of Mining Robots

Science Business
Carnegie Mellon, Anglo American Partner on Mining Robotics

Britain News.net
British Mining Firm Teams with CMU to Develop Robots

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.com
CMU, London-based Firm Reach Deal on Robot Tech

Pittsburgh Business Times
British Mining Firm Teams with CMU to Develop Robots

Homeland Security News Wire
Four-Legged Robotic Mule Now Voice-Controlled
(NREC Developing an Interface for LS3.)

Unmanned Systems Technology
DARPA Trials Semi-Autonomous Robot Pack Mule

The Military Has Enlisted a Laser-Wielding, Paint-Stripping Robot

R & D Magazine
Robotic laser system strips paint from aircraft, saving money and time

Team to develop robotic laser system to strip paint from aircraft

Prototype robots autonomously strip paint from aircraft using lasers

CMU and CTC to develop laser system to strip paint from aircraft

Richard Hammond's "Miracles of Nature"
("Miracles of Nature" a BBC production hosted by Top Gear's
Richard Hammond, includes a segment featuring CARGO technology.)

CMU Press Release
NREC Will Help Develop Autonomous Submarine-Tracking Vessel

Autonomous Submarine Program
(NREC mentioned)

Robots Assemble for Military's $2 Million Challenge

Pittsburgh Business Times
3 Pittsburgh teams part of DARPA's robotics challenge

NBC News
Meet the Hall of Fame's robot rookies
(BigDog, 2/3 down the page, is a new inductee.
NREC is providing sensing and perception for LS3,
the successor to BigDog.)

DARPA Robotics Challenge Press Release
(Article mentions NREC)

Scientific American
GPS-Free Tech Can Track Miners' and Soldiers' Boots Underground
(GPS-Free Positioning [MINT])

Journal of Petroleum Technology
Sensabot: A Safe and Cost-Effective Inspection Solution.
(PDF Version, p. 34)

DARPA & Boston Dynamics LS3 Video
(NREC is providing sensing and perception for LS3)

The Mule Bot Walks Again

ABC News
Four Legged Robot Could Help Military Handle Rough Terrain

Latest LS3 Alphadog Prototypes Get Less Noisy, More Brainy

Stars and Stripes
Intelligent, autonomous robots set to change combat landscape
(Article quotes NREC's Tom Pilarski)

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Mars Rover Powered by ‘Little Bits’ of CMU

In Life-Threatening Mines, a High-Tech Safety Net
(Article quotes NREC Director Tony Stentz)

Keystone Edge
When Robots Rule the World, They'll Come From Pennsylvania

Office of Naval Research
Sidd Srinivasa wins Naval Research Young Investigator Award

Autonomous Cars Through the Ages
(Featuring Urban Challenge winner Boss)

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
Robots Open a Whole New World to Girl Scouts
(Girl Scout Team Takes Part in First Lego League Tournament at
NREC, organized by the Robotics Academy)

Voice of America Persia
CMU Robotics Feature
(Includes ARM-S)

Voice of America Persia
CMU Robotics Feature
(Includes Urban Challenge)

National Geographic
Making Robots Human
(Features an interview with NREC's Sidd Srinivasa)

2013 Cadillac XTS to Feature Active Safety & Driver Assistance System
(GM sensor fusion technology developed through the company's experience with Urban Challenge winner Boss, an autonomous Chevrolet Tahoe GM created in partnership with Carnegie Mellon.)

OEM Off-Highway
Operation Unmanned Machine
(NREC is collaborating with Oshkosh on this project)

A Bionic Inspector Rolls in; Shell Sensabot Video on YouTube

National Geographic
Chariot Robotics, LLC
EnvirobotTM(Paint Stripping project page) featured on National Geographic Channel's Worlds Toughest Fixes

LS3 Photo Showing NREC Sensor Head

LS3 Video Showing NREC Sensor Head

Popular Mechanics
NREC's Drew Bagnell on "Real Steel," Remote Control & Autonomy

Fox News
John Deere's Battle Gear

Dragon Runners sent to Japan for nuclear clean-up

"DARPA Kicks Off Maximum Mobility and Manipulation (M3) Program"

OurRegionsBusiness Channel, YouTube
"Accelerating Commercialization of Robotics Technologies"

Information Week
"DARPA Expands Robotics Program"

Washington Times
"Self-driving Car on Road out of Science Fiction"

CMU-Qatar's campus magazine

A New Method of LNG Pipe Inspection

Pittsburgh Busness Times
CMU Spins Out New Robotics Company

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
CMU Robotics Spinoff to Create Products

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
CMU Moves Beyond Research To Manufacturing

Lawrenceville and Talented Technology

Aerospace Engineering & Manufacturing Online
Home page depainting feature

"Activities include... design of an autonomous robot base by NREC"

"Down on the Farm with Robots"

Boston Globe

Automotive Engineering Online
"U.S. Army TARDEC to showcase latest vehicles at SAE Congress"

The Economist
"[A]utomating the Business of Growing Fruit"

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Movers and Shakers Look Towards the Future"

PIttsburgh Post-Gazette
Strawberry plant sorter "Sorts Plants for Less"

Popular Mechanics
Farm robotics overview

PIttsburgh Business Times
"CMU's National Robotics Engineering Center Working to Speed up the Commercialization Process"

US Army website
APD featured at TARDEC groundbreaking

Voice of America
"Robots Spread Seeds of Change in Fruit Orchards"

Merrit News
Military UGV Overview

New Scientist
"Robot Farmhands Invade Countryside"

"700-ton Ground Bot PushesTrust Envelope"

Robot Magazine:
"Educational Robotics Comes of Age"
(Robotics Academy)

Signal Magazine:
"[NREC] Builds Robots with More Bang for the Buck"

Military & Aerospace Electronics:
"Crusher is a major improvement in unmanned ground vehicle capability..."