Carnegie Mellon University


You can trust NREC to create innovative robotics systems for a very demanding industry that operates 24/7 within rigorous operational and safety standards. Our team has developed robots that are explosion proof, provide remote inspection, navigate inside pipes and crawl on steel walls. If you have challenging problems in your upstream, midstream or downstream operations, NREC can develop robotic solutions to increase safety and productivity, while reducing maintenance and operational costs.


Equipment Monitoring

Detect abnormal operations and predict failure

Operator Assist

Optimize operations, track performance and supervise new operators


3D Teleop for remote operation

Autonomous Equipment

One operator supervises 5-10 machines

Surveillance & Security

Perimeter surveillance and anomaly detection


Path-aware collision avoidance and personnel tracking


Autonomous Drilling

Remote Inspection


Pipe Inspection



Featured Projects

Paint Stripping

NREC designed, built and tested the centerpiece of a semi-automated paint removal system that is now in everyday use and available for commercial sale by Chariot Robotics, LLC.

Pipe Vision System

A pipe crawling robot that visually inspects pipes in liquid natural gas (LNG) plants for corrosion

Pipeline Explorer

NREC designed, built and deployed the Pipeline Explorer: the first untethered remotely controlled robot for inspecting live underground natural gas distribution pipelines.

Sensabot Inspection Robot

A remotely operated mobile robot that inspects and monitors industrial facilities