Carnegie Mellon University

Other Industries

NREC develops innovative robotics technology for several sectors including automotive, health care, floor cleaning, freight, landscaping and more. We have helped numerous clients with challenging problems by focusing on the final objectives such as unit cost, manufacturability, commercialization potential, system maintenance, ease of utilization, etc. Please, don’t hesitate to bring us your most challenging problems.


Autonomous Equipment

Autonomy for vehicles, machinery and equipment

Operator Assist

Collision warning, virtual trainer and equipment optimization


3D Teleop for remote operation

Process Monitoring

Anomaly detection and process optimization

Safety Systems

Safety for vehicles, equipment, robots and humans

Intelligent Manipulation

Robotic arms that can easily be reconfigured for different tasks

Human-Robot Collaboration

Safe and non-intrusive collaboration

Surveillance & Security

Perimeter surveillance and intruder detection



Shipping & Receiving

Inventory & Storage

Quality Control

Material Transport

Novel Testing Methods

Featured Projects

Autonomous Robotic Manipulation

A vision-based, dual manipulation system.

Drug Discovery System

Advanced vision system to track and classify mouse behavior.

Mini Crusher

Mini Crusher was designed from the ground up to be highly mobile, highly stable and highly customizable.